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August 2010

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Open Gardens & Scarecrow Weekend

Another really wonderful weekend with hundreds of visitors!

As usual I do not know where to begin with the 'thank you's.

A good place would be with Mike Collins for the road closure.  Thank you, Mike, for doing that.  Then to Mike, Brian and the team in the car park, not forgetting the boys of Kineton Scouts, who came and helped with the parking all weekend. And special thanks to Jo for all his work sorting out the rota.

Many thanks to Jill Rodwell, Janet and Brian for the use of the fields for the car parks.

Thank you to Roger and Ellie for moving their sheep out of the fields and to Roger for the use of the marquee.

Brian and Jessie, many thanks for all the advertising; thanks to Heather and George for endlessly printing posters, flyers and maps.

A big thank you to Gaynor for organising the teas and to everyone who worked so hard serving teas and baking all the cakes.  We didn't run out this year!

Thanks to Heather, Phil and their helpers for manning the plant stall all weekend.

Thank you Phil for bring the glider for display.  I'm sure the men loved that.

Carol and Tom, many thanks for both pig roasts.  They were excellent as usual.  Thanks also to the committee who produced all the lovely salads and dips.

Thanks to James and Linda on the Saturday bar.  It was a very good evening and very well attended.

Thanks to Mick and Barbara who were on call all weekend; it was very reassuring to know that you were around.

Thanks to Carol and Tony for bringing the two lambs; the children loved them.

Now, what can I say about all the fantastic scarecrows?  Without them we would not have the weekend.  Every year you all come up with wonderful creations.  We do get very good feedback about a very happy weekend.

Special thanks to Angela Kean who made all the Sunday School scarecrows.

Thank you to Ruth, who made 32 heads for me.  Thanks to Helen, June and Joshua for the face-painting and to Bill Day for allowing us to put the Girl Guides' camp in his garden.  It was an ideal spot.

Thank you to all of you who opened their garden.  Everyone I spoke to said that they were wonderful, so thank you for all your hard work getting them ready to go on show.

Thank you to Helen, Kate, Carol and Ann for getting the Church looking so stunning.

Many thanks to Pam and Yvonne for their kind donation of 200 towards the funds.

Finally I must say a very big thank you to all my family, who worked so hard the whole week beforehand; without them I would not have managed to get so much done.

I hope I have not missed anyone out, but if I have I am sorry and thank you!

Over 3000 was raised for the Church funds and the Air Ambulance.


I think that Lilian has certainly missed out one very important, probably the most important, person of all.  So 'Thank you, Lilian, for all your hard work and enthusiasm organising the whole event.'


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