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August 2010

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What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to sit and stare?

These words, familiar enough to many to have become part of proverbial English, come from a poem entitled “Leisure” by W. H. Davies, who, though from a working class background, became well known in Edwardian society.  His best selling autobiography was titled “The diary of a super-tramp”!

As many folk look forward to enjoying holidays, this poem is a timely reminder of the beauty and fascination we can see in creation, and the fact that we need to stop and look.  The psalmist lifted his eyes to the hills, Dame Julian of Norwich saw the glory of God in the hazelnut.

In this area we are blessed with wonderful vistas; perhaps holidays might provide the extra freedom to stand and stare and appreciate the beauty of the created order.

If you’re not away, do remember the invitation to the Patronal Festival on the 8th.

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

(“Leisure” can be found on line – it’s also in anthologies such as the Oxford Book of Modern Verse)

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