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September 2010

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Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

Jonathan & Kirsty Simpson of The Old Bakehouse would like to thank all the good people of Oxhill who assisted us in retrieving our cat Homer (yes we know!!) from the roof of Springfield on Main Street on 3rd August.  Our hapless moggie disappeared on the evening of the 2nd, much mewing in the dark ensued which was finally pinpointed to the aforementioned roof.  George & Gwyn Adams kindly let us trample around their garden (sorry!!) in an effort to get Homer down, alas he was having none of it.  In the morning he was enjoying a peaceful nap on the chimney when his crazed, half asleep owners reappeared to coax him down.  Alas we were again shown to be useless at this & trekked off to work, leaving our key with George.  On returning from work that afternoon we found that he was still sunbathing on high, George had attempted to get him down with food & a step ladder but assured me that a larger ladder had been summoned.  Our knight in shining armour (or small blue van), Graham Colledge arrived shortly after with a roof ladder. Some scrambling & a nuzzle (aaahhh) from Homer later he had him back on terra firma.  As I write Homer has had 2 dinners & is sleeping peacefully on the sofa.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped & the concerned passers by (some fully prepared with cat biscuits) - just goes to show what a wonderful & friendly village we live in. A special thank you must go to Mrs Sinclair of Springfield for the loan of her roof. Homer is under strict instruction not to repeat this but has never listened to anything else I have advised him so I can't promise!

Many thanks,

Jonathan Simpson

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