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September 2010

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I thought that August was going to be a quiet month with an opportunity to catch up on those odd jobs that have been waiting around for ages – no such luck!  With continuing events and activities, a significant number of pastoral visits to hospitals and hospices, and dealing with admin. challenges, time has been in short supply.

In sorting out charities’ business, I’ve realised life is becoming quite a struggle.  As the difficult economic climate continues, donations are not going up and investment income has fallen.  However, the Government is asking the voluntary sector to step in and work more for the transforming of communities.  How about legislation requiring banks etc. to offer the same rates of interest to charities as offered to personal account holders – that would help prime the system!

Charities including churches strive to take a lead in transforming communities and a clear piece of teaching is found in the “Beatitudes” in Matthew 7:1-12.  Blessed indeed are all who unselfishly work for others.

All are specially welcome to the Harvest service on the 26th – and don’t forget the pig roast on the 11th.

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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