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October 2010

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Notes of the Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

All Councilors were present.

Matters Discussed


Plastic Bollards would be replaced in front of “Oddcot”, and silt on the road before Church Farm would be removed.  The Highways Department would be contacted regarding a problem with running water down Beech Road, and would be informed of the lack of a Weight Restriction sign at the Little Kineton end of the C45.


The Police have been in contact with us regarding vehicles being persistently parked on the bend in front of the Peacock pub.  This problem is being monitored and any dangerous situations highlighted to the Police.


Permission was granted to fell spruce tree at The Hollies.

Applications had been returned with no objections raised for the following:

Erection of barn for storage of straw at Church Farm

Change of land use to equine & stables at Hogwood Farm

Change of land use to form domestic tennis court at Whatcote Park

Change of land use for warehouse for garden and agricultural supplies Windmill Farm. 

An application to fell three willows at The Hollies had been received and also an application for a replacement garage at Greenfields. 


An unqualified audit was returned for the year ended 31 March 2010 and the fee of £58.75 would be paid. 

A request had been received to consider possible funding of a village Diamond Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II in 2012.  The Parish Council could support this within the confines of the “free penny” precept.

Concessionary Travel Review

Warwickshire County Council is looking for ways to reduce the cost of the above scheme.  Age group covered and timetable are two of the areas for savings.  We would point out that a 9.30 a.m. start instead of 9.00 a.m. start for concessionary fares would have a large impact in rural areas where there is a limited service. 


Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Angela Kean, Clerk

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