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October 2010

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Vicarage Notes

We enjoyed the pig roast and then the Harvest Service, the collection from which went to Farm Africa – the total will be on the Church notice board.  Our thanks to everyone for all their efforts.

The PCC has just received the architect’s Quinquennial Report on St. Lawrence’s Church.  It makes worrying reading, but anyone walking around the exterior and interior of the church can’t fail to notice the very poor condition of much of the stonework and the continuing problem with damp.  A fabric committee will be taking a careful look at the Report, which is a 5 yearly legal requirement, and it will be presenting an action plan in due course!

The church is not, of course, the building, but the gathering of Christian people as a community of faith.  The purpose of that community is to worship God, to strengthen each other by a true spirit of fellowship and to reveal the Gospel by word and by deed.  However, an ancient and hallowed building where people have gathered over the centuries is a very visible beacon of the Christian Faith, and each age has a duty of care.  We will do our best and I am grateful for the generous support that so may in all the villages round about do give to their parish church.

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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