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November 2010

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“there’s rosemary for remembrance...and there is pansies. That’s for thoughts...there’s fennel... and columbines: there’s rue... there’s a daisy... some violets...”

Ophelia hands out wild flowers, each with heavy symbolism, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet showing us that wild flowers have always had an important place in the scheme of things and were well known even by our most famous writer.

Monica Evans showed us that wild flowers can still be found the year round, many of them well known, some with unusual common names, and with many uses, perhaps not readily known.

If we incorporated these wild plants into our gardens we would not only be preserving them but would have interest and colour all year round.

Well done everyone who entered “Oxhill in Bloom”.  Many thanks to Ann Humphries who spent some difficult hours deciding a winner.  She was most impressed by the high standard.

The winner was Pauline Wyatt, and Myrtle Knight, Charmaine Slater and Peter Rivers–Fletcher proved worthy runners-up.

Future meetings

Thursday 18th November - Christmas Table Decorations with Gill Hawtin

Wednesday 15th December – Christmas Party at the Saxton’s

Thursday 20th January - Bugs; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Roger Umpelby

Ann Saxton

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