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December 2010

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Ambulance First Responder

By the time you are reading this, the 15th November 2010 has passed; some of you know it was the date when our communications centre at Leamington Spa finally closed.  The Leamington control Centre was handling 90 plus calls every few minutes.  The move to the high Technology Communication Centre at Stafford, which has been operating successfully there for over a year, had been in the planning for some time.  The destination of the Ambulance comes from the information that the caller gives, this is then passed to the Ambulance being sent, and the very high tec satellite navigation in the Ambulance.  At the same time it will be sent directly to us, the Ambulance Responders.  Our location means we arrive first, starting life saving treatment, much sooner than it otherwise would have been.  The long range weather forecast service, which is used by the Ambulance service for planning purposes, is predicting that it will be a very cold, with more snow than last winter.  If this is correct, the elderly and vulnerable could be without their normal carers, if they could not get through the snow to them.  We know how to look after one another in the country; we have been doing it a long time, so stock your freezers up and donít forget your neighbours!

Mick and Barbara Shepard, West Midlands Ambulance Service Responders

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