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December 2010

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Refuse Collections

Christmas and the New Year force changes to the collection service, so please pay attention because I shall only say this once.

Recycling and green waste bins (blue and green bins) will be collected on Tuesdays 7th and 21st as normal.

The grey rubbish bins will be collected on Tuesday 14th as normal.  There will however be no collection on Tuesday 28th; it will be postponed a day until Wednesday 29th.

Then in January the blue and green bins will not be collected on Tuesday 4th; again this collection is postponed a day until Wednesday 5th.

There has been a rumour going round that the collection of the green bins will stop for the winter, probably at the end of November.  I have been to enquire of the oracle at Elizabeth House.  They told me that it is just a rumour and that collections will continue as normal.  So that's all right then.


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