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December 2010

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Dear friends,

As we journey through Advent to the celebration of the Nativity of our Lord, which, as the BCP states is “commonly known as Christmas Day”, my customary hope is that folk will not be caught up in the rollercoaster of rampant commercialism.

That may sound a rather parsonical platitude, but it does reflect comments that have already been made to me “Father Christmas already?  We get the Christmas we deserve”.  It must be common sense to focus on what is really important to us at this time of the year whether with or without a faith.

We celebrate family and above all the birth of Jesus, the child of Bethlehem, in whom Christians believe God has chosen to reveal himself to mankind.  Hope, love and inspiration for the future should be our Christmas gift to the world.

There is, of course, a warm welcome to all at the special services in our churches!

On behalf of Martin and Sue, Sirpa and myself, may I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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