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February 2011

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Dairy farmer, Tim Price, came to our January meeting to talk about ‘Muck and money’.

The Price family – Tim’s great grandfather - started farming at Herbert’s Farm in Tysoe after the First World War when milk was sold out of a jug from the back of a cart.  They moved to Lower Farm, Whatcote, in 1968 and Tim now has 280 cows and a contract with Tesco.

Tim explained that most dairy farming in England is now intensive.  Agriculture is a business, and farmers have to make it pay.  He has invested a lot of money in expanding the herd, building bigger barns and a new milking parlour because he believes that intensive farming works if it is done well.

The yield per cow has doubled since 1970 but high-yielding cows need a lot of care – and good food.  Tim uses a consultant to advise on the best diet for his herd and most of his days are spent on a JCB mixing tonnes of grass, silage, sugar beet pulp, wheat byproducts, bread, fat and minerals.

But what goes in must come out – and not just as milk.  The muck has to be cleared out of the sheds twice a day – not easy last month when temperatures meant that it froze solid!

Although the animals are kept inside for most of the year, their movement is not restricted and the barns are big and airy.  The cows can eat, drink and rest as they please and Tim says he can tell when his cows are happy.  They are certainly well cared for - last thing at night he checks them all and even admits to giving his favourites a cuddle!

Diary dates

2nd February: ‘Memories of Tysoe’     A chance to share stories and reminisce

2nd March: Marguerite Bell ‘Super soups’  Please bring a bowl and spoon!

6th April: Sue Northcott  ‘Leonard Cheshire Disability’

Visitors are always welcome (£3) Just come along on the night.

Meetings are held in Tysoe Village Hall and start at 7.30 p.m.

Julie Smart

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