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March 2011

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Greening the Local Environment

In 1972 The Ecologist magazine published its Blueprint for Survival.  It was signed by one of my university lecturers.  Although the analysis of the depletion of resources proved to be altogether too pessimistic, the Blueprint’s fourth consideration has been part of my life philosophy ever since.  This consideration is based on goals that can be achieved without destroying the environment.  The word destroy was emotive; I prefer putting something back.  This is not a political philosophy rather it’s about personal lifestyle choice.  Nor is it about forcing it on others.  It generates personal satisfaction, a feeling of well-being.  So at Garden Cottage we have installed solar panels, photovoltaic cells and harvest surface water run-off.  We recycle like crazy.  It is immensely satisfying to see the hot water tank heating from sunlight, especially when we have seen so little sun so far in 2011!  Using surface water run-off for watering plants saves all the energy that goes into purifying water that comes out of the tap.

Orbit Heart of England Housing Association is investing in the installation of renewable energy technology in a number of their properties in Tysoe.  You will receive an invite to come along to the Tysoe village hall on March 9th (5-9 p.m.) and learn more about these technologies.  Please spare a few minutes to come along and see how you can share in the pleasure of generating your own energy.

At the same event there will be an opportunity to catch up with progress on The Community Orchard.  The Apple Day at Oxhill showed us that there is genuine interest.  The orchard project is reaching an interesting phase and the local organising group will be there to inform you about progress in 2011 – and how the orchard may be of benefit to you in putting a bit back.

Mike Sanderson

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