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Advice from Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

Buying Tickets Online

Tickets for concerts, festivals and sporting events often sell out very quickly and it is tempting to search the internet for somewhere that can provide them.  However, be careful as 1 in 12 people are scammed by fake ticket websites.  These very convincing websites claim to sell event tickets that are never delivered, leaving fans without tickets and their money.  So follow our advice and don't let them con you.

1.    Ask yourself 'How can this website guarantee tickets to an event that is already sold out, or that are not on sale yet?'

2.   Never buy event tickets from a website you're unsure of.  Ask others about it and search online for comments.

3.   You can 'tick off' a number of things to look out before purchasing your tickets online by visiting Consumer Direct's fake ticket website: www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/tickets

Report fake ticketing websites or suspected ones to:


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