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March 2011

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Sheep Stealing in Oxhill

Over the last few weeks someone has stolen at least 17 lambs (eleven months old, so just about full grown) from the flock of approx 1000 of this age, one or two at a time.

The older ewes are all present and correct. At first I thought they had strayed and have been asking my neighbours if they had seen them.

Yesterday Mr. Hobill found evidence in his wood of the skins and heads (with our ear tag numbers in) so the carcasses have obviously been taken away to sell into the food chain.

If any-one has been offered cheap meat for their freezer or seen anything suspicious , please contact P.C. Clair Price of Shipston Police Team quoting               

Incident No. 202.  Her mobile telephone number is 07879608696.  If you see anything suspicious in the fields especially during darkness, please phone 999 immediately.

As we are just starting lambing I am very worried that if the thieves steal a ewe her lambs will be left to suffer.  Everyone's help would be much appreciated.

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