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March 2011

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A surrealistic "Peter and the Wolf"

by Tysoe Marionette Group

“Peter and the Wolf” is a popular story, lending itself to many different theatrical interpretations.  And no wonder!  As originally conceived by that inventive Russian composer Sergé Prokofiev, it is an exciting story with marvellous music.  Consequently it is often heard with a narrator in the concert hall; frequently seen as a ballet and is in the repertoirs of many puppet companies in a range of different media all over Europe.  So we felt we should seek an unusual approach.

The clue to our surrealistic approach lies with Prokofiev himself, who used “P&W” to introduce youngsters to the instruments of the orchestra.  There are eight characters in his original story and each of these is represented musically by a different instrument.  In our production young Peter is half Violin and half Boy complete with fur hat!  Birdie sits on his Flute and the Duck has an Oboe for a neck.  Our Cat is half Clarinet and Grandfather is half Contra-bassoon.  Our Wolf has suffered the most, as his guts have been replaced by a French Horn!  Two Hunters represent the Percussion section, one a short-fat Bass-Drummer and one a tall thin Tympanist, both with a drumstick in one hand and a shotgun in the other!

And why stop at the puppets?  Our scenery is surrealistic too, combining musical instruments with the Deep Dark Forest.  Add a sprinkling of snow and Olav the Russian owl in a hollow tree and we are away.

Our next public performance will be on Thursday 31st March 2011, Curtain-up at 7:30 p.m. in The Barn Theatre,  Baldwins Lane,  Upper Tysoe,  CV35 0TX.

Tickets: Adult £5,  Children (5-15 yrs) £3.  All proceeds to Shipston Home Nursing.

Jon & Ann Beeny, Tel:  01295 680431
Email:  jonandann@annbeeny.f9.co.uk

Visit http://tysoemarionettes.webplus.net

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