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March 2011

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This month members were joined by several visitors for a stroll down memory lane.

Sheila Gaydon began the evening by reading extracts from her father’s memoirs.  We were amazed – and amused - to hear how as a child he would watch women washing tripe and chitlins in the brook!  He remembered sheep and cattle being driven all the way to market in Stratford – and back again if they didn’t sell.

There were tales of hardship, such as the long walk for many children to and from school in all weathers - twice a day, because everyone went home for lunch.  Sue Price talked about bringing up a young family in the late fifties in a cottage with one cold tap and a chemical toilet.

There were fond memories, too, of wartime dances with servicemen stationed up at Shenington and the annual children’s party held at Compton Wynyates - although the highlight seems to have been the journey there and back on hay wagons!

Other shared experiences include picking potatoes in the October school holidays, seeing the first combine harvester in the village (pulled by a tractor, of course) - and the smell of cakes and bread from Heritage’s bakery.

2nd March: Marguerite Bell; ‘Super soups’ - bring a bowl and spoon!

Julie Smart

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