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April 2011

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Mrs Evelyn Colyer

I have written many times about Mrs Colyer, born Evelyn Gilks in Oxhill in 1908, and I am sorry now to report her death at the fine age of 102.  Oxhill was the village where both sets of Evelyn’s grandparents lived – the Gilkses and the Summertons – but after her birth here, she only spent the years of the First World War in Oxhill with her mother and siblings while her father was away at the Front.  After the war the family moved to Quinton, and it was there that Evelyn spent most of the rest of her life.  As a young woman she worked for a time as a nanny to a military family in Aden, and it was on board ship as she returned that she met her husband, who was a naval officer.  He was often away at sea, but Evelyn brought up their two children Jane and Marguerite in Quinton, where Marguerite still lives, and it was said at her funeral that the villagers felt that she “had always been there”.  She always took a lively interest in village and church affairs, and the church was crowded with her family and many friends.

She always kept a special place in her heart for Oxhill, of which she had so many childhood memories, and she wrote several brief accounts of her recollections which are invaluable.  I shall always remember her visits here with affection.

Ann Hale

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