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May 2011

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A good talk from Bob Sherman of Ryton Organics on the 12th April, but where were all you gardeners?  Nevertheless a good turnout, and certainly one thing that will remain ingrained in my brain; a single flower can play host to the following insects; leaf cutters, plant miners and borers, sap suckers, seed predators, nectar or pollen feeders and gall formers and it is estimated that, amazingly, between 200-300 of these creatures depend on one single plant!... so just give that a thought before you spray or mow your garden.

Our next talk will be on June 7th in the village hall.  Mike Slater one of the countyís top butterfly persons, will give us a talk on butterflies and butterfly conservation. Please donít miss this talk, it will pre-empt the National Butterfly Count taking place on one weekend in July, I hope all the village will get involved in this and OWLS will be putting info and ID sheets through your letterbox.

Enjoy the sunshine and the wildlife.  

Grenville Moore

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