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June 2011

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Nature Notes

The wonder of the world

The beauty and the power

The shape of things

Their colours, lights and shades

These I saw

Look ye also while life lasts

From an old tombstone in the Lake District

A week or two ago, early one morning, I was looking at our pond when we noticed a muntjac coming across Janet Gardenerís field moving in the direction of our pond.  We very slowly knelt down, to lessen our profile, and remained absolutely motionless.  The muntjac had not noticed me and continued to head directly towards the pond; it gently passed between the rails in the fence and suddenly it was no more than 5-6 feet from me.  At this point I should say muntjac are very short-sighted, but do see movement.  It was coming to drink from the pond and in the early morning sunlight its eyes sparkled, its wet nose shone like patent leather and scented in every direction  indicating it was starting to pick up our scent.  The large ears twitched and flicked this way and that like scanners trying to locate noise, and suddenly its eyes fixed on mine (it would pick up the wet shine, many birds also detect us in this manner).  We stared at each other for what seemed an age, but being a person of slightly mature years, my knees were giving way and at the slight movement it was away, but at a distance of about 10 metres it stopped, turned round and facing us, gave out the most enormous bark, as if cursing us for spoiling its early morning drink.  I must say it also made us jump!  The muntjac then wandered off back down the field barking like a mad dog!  Every time it barked, its tail would flick up showing the white underside, a warning, of our presence, to any other munjac in the vicinity.

It is said butterflies and moths inhabit the same world as Fairies.  Fairies being particularly active in the period between Midsummer and St. Peter's day, now is a good time to bind them to your service, but if you do see the fairies, be sure you never tell.

Elias Ashmoleís Manuscript, 17th century. Ö.. a sound piece of advice Iím sure!

A reminder, donít forget to get snapping, drawing and painting for the autumn competition, categories in next monthís newsletter. 

Grenville Moore

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