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June 2011

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Badminton Horse Trials 2011

The winning horse is local born and bred.

The winner of this year’s Badminton Horse Trials, which took place over 3 days of the  Easter weekend and won its rider Mike Todd the first prize and possibly entry to the 2012 Olympic Games, is “NZB Land Vision”.

NZB Land Vision was bred by Mrs Anne Kirk at her Stonecroft stables locally in Oxhill, and she spent many hours with initial early training with the young horse. 

Anne's Equestrian Centre on the Banbury Road was very popular with many local riders and many children of all ages including disabled children.  The Centre was sold on and became the Horse Rescue Centre presently owned by Redwings after Anne retired in 1997 when she decided to concentrate on breeding.  Many of her old riding and horsey friends called in and would have seen the champion known now as ‘NZB Land Vision’ but as a youngster called ‘Lanis Lad’ or simply "Ben".

Anne bred three fine foals from the same mare, “Stonecroft Holly”, and used the stallion “Landmark” from the local Broadstone Stud to produce “NZB Land Vision”.

Mrs Kirk lived at Stonecroft House for 20 years; she has only recently moved from Oxhill to Bishops Itchington to retire to a smaller home and to take life a little easier.

At Anne’s  stables ‘Lanis Lad’ was ridden by Zara Lea.  He was then sold to Daniel Henson and his name changed to ‘Land Vision’.  Daniel trained and rode and did extremely well with him and took him on to bring out his real potential, winning numerous classes with him.

Now named ‘NZB Land Vision’, he is only 10 years old and Mike Todd has made him into a star, saying recently after winning an event that he believes he is the best horse in the world!.

Terry Kirk

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