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June 2011

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Would you like to be next?

3 DOWN, 120 TO GO?

An update on my attempted break in

I read my own article in last monthís newsletter, then saw the list of home security doís and doníts at the back of the newsletter.   I only wish I had followed some simple rules.  Lock my gates, install exterior lighting, donít leave valuables on show.  The usual stuff which no-one really pays attention to.  Obviously thinking it wouldnít happen to them!

I am sure I speak for the other two properties who were recently burgled Ė make your property secure.  You do not want to go through the emotional process which weíve been through.  The inconvenience of installing new doors, alarms and so on is insignificant compared to the emotional impact.

Our home is now secure, and the sad truth is that I half-hope that me securing my property will make the scum who prowl at night look elsewhere for their drug money.  Elsewhere could be YOU.

Please donít become a victim.  Follow the guidelines, lock every door and window, donít leave keys in doors, move valuables from view.  Simple stuff.

Finally, I did a lot of research on alarms which I will share.  I approached 3 alarm companies (one national and two local).  The national one had a one cap fits all strategy.  Good kit but I worried about their customer service.

After extensive research of the companies and their technology I selected P&R Alarms (01905 799949); they listened to my needs, prepared a genuine bespoke solution (which is pet friendly!) and have installed it with the minimum of fuss, not a wire in sight!  If you do choose an alarm please do consider an NSI NACOSS Gold installer Ė they have to fulfil certain police level accreditation.

So, I am now fully secure, or at least as secure as I can manage.  Believe me you donít want to be victim number 4, act now!

Oxhill resident

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