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July 2011

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George Adams -

Emeritus Editor of the Oxhill News

 After one hundred issues as editor and publisher of the 'News' I am sure that we would all like to thank George for the stylish professionalism and overall excellence which he brought to it over eight years and four months. I know that George would want us also to acknowledge the efforts of his publishing and distribution teams. 

George developed a simple style of newsletter which informed and entertained in appropriate proportion, judiciously interspersed with his own wit, as well as that of the likes of Flanders and Swann et al. We have to be grateful that he did not use his position to editorialize, sermonize or otherwise lecture his readership on personal likes or interests. Actually, George's interests might have been fun to read about anyway: having known him for thirty-six years I would assess his main interests, after his wife and family, as, in no specific order of priority: gardening (when Gwynneth lets him), good food, good wine, adventurous travel, theatre and, for many years, a funny green car which he called 'Ermintrude'. He and Gwynneth will now have even more time to indulge them all, except Ermintrude - she left him. 

The Oxhill News has become a vital part of Parish life under George's editorship, and is delivered to a lucky few outside the Parish, where it is as eagerly awaited as it is here. George would, I think, say that a village newspaper is only as good as its contributors; that may be so in many respects, but nevertheless his light and sensitive touch has been vital. 

Thanks again George for doing a great job. 

David Hill

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