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August 2011

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

On the 14th July twelve villages attended a meeting about the upcoming Diamond Jubilee. Mike Collins provided a brief presentation about the official programme and recalled how the village celebrated the Golden Jubilee and VE Day. There was considerable enthusiasm for a similar event to be organised next year. It was pointed out that at the same meeting called for the Golden Jubilee in 2001 only six people had attended but the Village pulled together and over 400 villagers and their families from all over the Country came together and enjoyed a weekend of entertainment.

The consensus of the meeting was that activities should be organised for Sunday 3rd June centred on the national Big Jubilee Lunch and that a full day of events should be planned for Monday 4th June along similar lines to that followed for previous events.

The meeting was informed that some preliminary discussions had been held and the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee would support the organisation of the event. Janet Gardner has kindly agreed to the use of her field, the Old Chapel has been booked for the weekend and provisional bookings have been made for a marquee, live entertainment and catering.

The meeting concluded that the next step was to hold a further meeting to confirm dates and develop an outline programme and start to assign responsibilities. This meeting will be held at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd August at the Village Hall. It is hoped that more people will come along to find out how they will be able to help make the Diamond Jubilee weekend a memorable one for Oxhill.

Any questions at this stage please contact Mike Collins on 680564.

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