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October 2011

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Two crucial events are happening in the next month or two, both of which involve changes to the original details, so please bear with me and take careful note.

Firstly, on Tuesday October 11th our Deanery  Synod will be meeting to discuss the legislation regarding the ordination of women to the Episcopate i.e. Women Bishops.  This was due to take place in Long Compton Church, but as that is out of action for repair work, we have moved to St. Edmund’s in Shipston.  7.30pm as usual, with coffee beforehand. Anyone is welcome to come, but if there is a vote, only Synod members will be able to take part.

Secondly, during October and November Gordon Kuhrt will be giving a series of ‘Talks about the Bible’ in the chancel of Tredington Church, to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the English Bible.   Some of the dates have changed, and the revised programme is now:

Wednesday, October 5th: How was the Bible assembled?
Wednesday, October 19th: How is the Bible to be interpreted?
Wednesday, October 26th: How is the Bible translated?
Wednesday, November 9th: How is the Bible to be used?

Starting time is 7.30pm: drinks are provided, and everyone from across the Deanery is very welcome. 

Finally, a very big thank you to everyone who came, baked, washed up and brought the sunshine to the Deanery Garden Party.  Bill Rolfe kept us entertained with his clock game, and we raised £170 to send to Tear Fund for their relief work in the Horn of Africa.  Well done, everyone. 


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