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October 2011

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Garden Club

The Garden Club galloped through history with Kevin Wyles, handling fossils and artefacts found by him in the Vale of the Red Horse.  Having experienced the driest summer it is hard to imagine Tysoe and Oxhill under water; Kevin’s marine fossils, found very locally, prove that fact.

We saw photographic evidence of Neolithic and Iron-Age settlements around Tysoe.  The most interesting coins and jettons with horse insignia perhaps show inspiration for the giant horses once engraved into hills around the village.

Kevin provided us with a vivid glimpse into the lives of people living in this area in different ages.  The most interesting, for me, were the accounts of looting by soldiers during the Civil War – nothing changes, then?

This speaker is a fountain of knowledge of the history of our locale and gave us a most enjoyable look into the past.

Next meeting:

20th October- Mushrooms & Toadstool. Beware! Christopher Scotter.

Members are invited to bring samples of these to the meeting.

Results of the photo competition .

17th November – Climbers & Wall shrubs – Jane Cropley.

December Christmas Party by popular request at the Saxton’s – date to be announced.

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