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February 2013

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Adam Crowther - Cycling for Charity in Vietnam

In April, I'll be cycling from Vietnam's capital city, Hanoi, to Ho Chi Minh City (the city where I've been living and working for 18 months). The journey distance is 2000km and will take me just under a month.  I'm sure this wasn't the wisest decision I've ever made. However, it's a challenge that I'm really excited about and better still, it's all for charity! We'll be visiting orphanages on the trip and raising money for various children's charities. With your help I aim to raise around 750 pounds, and we'll be doing fundraising events in the city to add to this sum. So if you have any spare pennies, it'd be very much appreciated if you could contribute. A small amount of money really does go a long way sometimes. Your pound sterling donation, however big or small, will go a long, long way out here in Vietnam. 

Please spread the word, and refer friends and other like minded souls to my page. Thanks again for your time!


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