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Defibrillator or AED

AED Stands for Automated External Defibrillator. The type of Defibrillator that is available to the public to use is called a semi-automatic AED.  AEDs are very sophisticated, reliable and safe computerised devices, providing they are used correctly. They will NOT shock, without there is the right Electro cardiogram (ECG) rhythm of the heart. When a shock is delivered, it is imperative that there is NO contact, in any form, from the casualty receiving the shock, to anyone else. Public Access Defibrillators  can now be found in  many locations around the country, so should one ever be needed, when the 999 call is made for an Ambulance, the caller can ask if one is nearby, if so Ambulance Control will give the box location and code, and helpful instructions. The defibrillator itself also prompts the user when it is being operated. There should be no delay in starting Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, (CPR)    as soon as the unconscious victim is found not to be breathing. Should there only be one person in attendance with the collapsed person, then the priority is to carry out CPR. 

Two photos of Public Access Defibrillators, one with lid closed the other with the lid open showing the pads in the lid that are applied to the patients.

The Ambulance service, has a range of options to call upon, so should you have a medical emergency, CALL 999 asking for,

Mick Shepard
Community Responder, Oxhill and Area.
West Midlands Ambulance Service.


Private none emergency Mobile

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