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March 2013

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Deanery Lent Services

We want to extend you a warm welcome to our Deanery Services during Lent.  As ever, they move from church to church, where coffee and tea are always provided: all services are on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

This year we are following themes from the York Courses booklet ‘Glimpses of God’, written by David Winter, who is giving one of the addresses.  Copies of the booklet will be available at the services, for those who want to follow it in house groups etc. at a cost of £3.40 each.

19th Feb. - Tysoe - Rev. Canon Tom Moffatt
The God who hears our cry

26th Feb. - Halford - Rev. Will Donaldson                                    The shepherd who guards and guides his people

5th Mar. - Sutton under Brailes - Rev. Canon Andrew Dow
The Son who is the Way, the Truth and the Life

12th Mar. - Burmington - Rev. Canon David Winter
                                    The Son who shares our pain

19th Mar. - Idlicote - Very Rev. John Witcombe, Dean of
                                    Coventry Cathedaral
                                    The God who calms our fears

26th  Mar. - Ilmington - Ven. John Green, Archdeacon Pastor.
                                    Deanery Eucharist for Holy Week

It is good to ‘give something up ‘ for Lent: alongside that, here is something positive, especially as the last day of March is Easter Day.

A Daily Prayer for Lent:

Today and now is the only time that I can live in your company.
Today and now is the only time I can love.
Today might be the only day I can pay my debts and forgive.
Today might be the only day that I can help,
or stay and listen, or speak out against injustice.
Lord of all time and eternity,
give me the grace to live each moment to the full.


'Lent for the Whole Church Family', by Susan Sayers.

Blessings, Jill

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