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Public Meeting held on 19th February 2013

It was wonderful to see the response from the people of Oxhill to this public meeting.  Over 80 residents came to the village hall and I thank everyone who turned up on a cold February night.

Stratford on Avon District Council’s Draft Core strategy, published last year under redefined criteria, identified 39 villages, including Oxhill, as potential Local Service Villages.  As an LSV Oxhill could possibly be subject to accepting 57 extra houses.  As a non-LSV that figure would be 2% to 5% of the total houses in the village, i.e. four to ten houses.  At the moment we are still categorised as a non-Local Service Village ….. but the Draft Core Strategy is not yet complete and all that could change.

The Parish Council discussed this issue and I decided to call this meeting with a view to the community becoming proactive.  I am assured by various District Councillors that this would be seen as a positive action by Stratford District Council, rather than the village refusing point blank any suggested development.

Sarah Brooke-Taylor from Warwickshire Rural Community Council attended and took us through all the options open to the village – Neighbourhood Plan, Parish Plan, and Housing Needs Survey.  There was an almost unanimous vote that we should look to adopting one of these schemes.  I was very impressed with the number of people who came forward to form a Steering Committee – I believe over 12 people.  Mike Collins is at present co-ordinating and will be arranging the first meeting.  As Chairman of the Parish Council I am not allowed to sit on this group, but I wish all the members of the steering committee the very best and am confident that they will work together for the benefit of Oxhill.

Grenville Moore

Chairman, Oxhill Parish Council

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