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April 2013

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Reverend John Collier is a self-confessed sweet-pea fanatic, growing hundreds for showing every year since 1961 and, being chairman of the Sweet-pea Society and associate of the RHS, knows his stuff.

He gave us a potted history, explained step-by-step instructions on cultivation, advice on problems and pest control, without notes and in a most entertaining manner.

Members can now explain the differences between Old-fashioned and Spencer’s and know it is useless to look for yellow sweet-peas. There seems to be a variety of sweet-peas for most situations – my favourites are Pink Cupid, a bush form for pots, and Vernus, a cushion-forming perennial.

PS/ is your gardening fork a D-handle or a T-handle? There seems to be a North/South divide on this!

April 18th Down the Garden Path

Everyone welcome, but why not become a member?

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