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June 2013

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

The performances and singing by the Tysoe Amateur Dramatic Association were outstanding, professional and just brilliant fun!

Congratulations to all!

We look forward to any and all new productions.

Below is a short extract from Deb Tuiteís blog:

ďThe lionís share of singing goes to an ebullient package of twelve testosterone-driven thundering boys and men who make up the brothers, three Josephs and a Pharaoh. And Jacobís beard - itís real!! Along with the singers, the piano player and cast members, hoards of heroic villagers have volunteered endless time for the much appreciated behind-the-scene

Like me, most members have no training or experience, and itís been a tough haul for many of us. We started rehearsing back in February and sounded a bit ragged at first. But a love for music, a surprising amount of talent, strong community spirit and of course endless enthusiasm, has driven us to be a class act.Ē

(Many photo's from the printed version of the News have been ommitted)

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