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June 2013

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Kineton Oil Consortium

Significant Changes

A Short History

I was approached by Diane Harper approximately 4 years ago to collate the oil order information onto a computer programme and Email it to the main Oil Coordinator for the area.  His job then was to contact the oil companies to get the best price and put together all the orders from the other coordinators and send that list to the oil company for delivery. When this started there were 150 customers for the whole of the area and over the years this has grown to over 400. The size of the group has now become a problem in respect that there are only a few oil companies that can handle such a large order in one go and so it was decided by the main coordinator to break up into smaller groups as this means that more oil companies can quote, giving us the best price for the order.

Moving Forward

Diane Harper has decided that this is an appropriate time for her to take a back seat and I am sure that we all would like to thank her for her sterling work over the years saving us all a lot of money.

I am prepared, as a volunteer, to take on the role of Oxhill’s Oil Coordinator in its new format but as you can understand I am not willing to accept liability should a mistake occur and you have oil delivered that you have not ordered or that you fail to receive oil that you have ordered. In the past four years I have not made a mistake and I always check meticulously but it could happen. If you are not prepared to accept this limited risk please let me know and I will remove your name from the Oxhill Oil Consortium List.

Oil companies give us a discounted price because they can then supply the customers in the most efficient way possible. This however, is not achieved when they are requested by customers, who have allowed their tanks to get very low, to be supplied first.

Most people now have access to computers and so in order to make the process more efficient and easier for me please Email your order in the format shown below. This is important as I cross reference these details on the order programme. When the best price has been found I will send out an Email to you all giving the price per litre and the name of the company.

Diane Harper has already spoken to the few customers that do not have access to computers.


Format for September Order

Name     Address   Home Telephone Number   Amount of Oil

Mick Shepard
3 The Leys
CV35 0QX

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