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July 2013

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I am sorry to report that through a lack of communication OWLS efforts to increase the wildlife area of the churchyard has fallen foul of the dreaded mower. I apologise to those of you who were expecting to see a swathe of native wildflowers. It may not be too late; we have roped off the area, and who knows, we may see some results.

Because of last yearís wet and cold weather, bee numbers have dropped by a dramatic 30% and butterflies had their worst year since 1976. Several species of British butterflies face extinction because of last yearís extremely wet weather, and at the moment this year isnít looking a lot better. These creatures are so important to our biodiversity. Without them pollination will not happen, with dramatic results. It is really important we help these insects by making sure our verges, hedges and areas of our gardens are left wild, specially at this time of year. A patch of nettles is good, as are all wild flowers. Hedges should not be cut hard back from March to the end of July, especially this year when birds are nesting later.

Our wildlife cannot survive if the weather and Man is against it. Untidy and wild is good!!

Grenville Moore

A photograph of a Cornish Churchyard, taken two weeks ago, which is Grenville's future hope for Oxhill's Churchyard.

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