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August 2013

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Garden Club

Visit to Pure Recycling at Ettington 

On Wednesday 26th June, two groups of Garden Club members visited the recently opened Ettington waste recycling plant run by Pure Recycling. This new plant receives the contents of our blue recycling bins and similar bins from most of the Stratford area and further afield.  The building is the size of a football pitch and is crammed with conveyors and a variety of the latest and fascinating automatic techniques for sorting our waste into metals , glass and paper.  Despite all this there are also more than thirty people employed, many of whom help to sort out the waste by hand.  We were all very impressed and now understand better why certain items should not be put in our recycling bins at one time they found half a horse ! 


Photo shows one of the two groups inside the plant, dressed in all the safety gear provided.


Peter Rivers Fletcher

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