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August 2013

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Parish Planning Project

Latest from 'Oxhill's Future - Your Say'

Thank you to everyone who responded to the informal village survey during June and made a comment. There were 22 separate responses. The majority of suggestions came from the suggestion boxes, some were hand delivered and several e-mailed. Most responses commented on several issues.

Subject area

Number of comments


Play area for children


A play area for children would be appreciated.
Something or somewhere to bring children together.
Some play equipment, small football goals etc  would be welcome.



Speed of traffic.
Disregard of speed limits.
Suggestions to relocate 30 mile sign at Whatcote end of village



Thoughtless parking on pavements

Dog fouling


Comments on irresponsible dog owners

Shop/Post Office


Comments that a shop or Post Office would be useful

The Peacock


All say The Peacock is good

Community Spirit


Oxhill has a strong community feel. It has a strong connection to the countryside and all who commented on this, wanted this to remain.



Planning and Development++

Few are totally against any development.
All would like to see gradual, local needs led development, with no ‘estate type’ housing.
Some cite affordable housing for young and suitable for elderly in particular.

Following this useful feedback, the Oxhill Parish Plan Steering Group will now begin work on devising questions for a more formal survey form. This will be sent to each household in the parish, along with guidance on completing the form. The form is expected to be distributed during September/October. If you have any suggestions for survey questions please email these to parish-planning@oxhill.org.uk or post to Sue Hunt, Eudon, Whatcote Road.

Meanwhile, Stratford District Council has published its long-awaited Draft Core Strategy which will shape the development of the district over the next 15 years. You may have read about this in the local paper. The Housing Target is 9,500 new dwellings in the strategy period. The majority will be in current urban centres. A new settlement is proposed for Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath of 4,800 dwellings, of which 1,900 would be built by 2028. The Main Rural Centres will all have allocations, to meet a target of 1,985 in total for these centres. Meanwhile Oxhill is being designated as a Local Service Village (LSV) which are now categorised into four sub divisions. Oxhill is in category 4 (the lowest level) with the expectation that Oxhill will provide between 10 and 25 new homes over the next 15 years. The Full Council were due to formally adopt the Draft Core Strategy at the end of July. It then needs Government approval before full adoption.

Adrian Marklew

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