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August 2013

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Telephone Scam could cost you thousands

Warwickshire Police has re-issued a warning about a telephone scam, which has already resulted in several people having several thousands of pounds withdrawn from their bank accounts. The advice to anyone being contacted by telephone to advise of problems with direct debit payments is to end the call and contact your bank yourself to check whether there are any problems with bank payments. The scam was first reported to Warwickshire Police in Kenilworth a few weeks ago when one elderly man found £13,800 had been withdrawn from his account. It would appear the same scam has now been used to steal money from elderly people living in Rugby.

The scam involves a cold caller purporting to be from the persons telephone provider saying there is a problem with their direct debit and asking for details of their bank so they can sort it out on their behalf. Another person then calls saying they are from the persons bank reporting there has been fraudulent activity on their account and advising a person from the fraud department would attend their home address and collect their bank card.

They also ask for the PIN number for the card. A short time later an individual presents themselves at the victimís home address saying they are from the bank and have come to collect the card as agreed. The victims have been taken in by this scam have handed over their cards. The addresses are usually visited by a smartly dressed white female, aged in her 30's with dark shoulder length hair.

If you have been approached by these con-men or have any information which may assist Warwickshire Police in their enquiries please contact PC Claire Crouch, Rugby Local Investigation Unit 01788 541111 Ext 6137 or Crimestoppers.

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