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September 2013

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The 100th anniversary of World War 1
2014 Poppy Campaign

We will remember them - the 16 million who died and the 20 million who were injured during World War 1.

A section of the British Legion has started a campaign to encourage as many people as possible to plant poppies for the 100th anniversary 4th August 2014. Seeds need to be sown in cultivated soil as soon as possible to get flowers for early August next year but they can then be sown from April through to June to get a continuous show. The Owls group are going to plant poppies in a small section of their wildlife area in the churchyard and it would be great if people planted patches in their verges or garden or even in containers in commemoration.

Seeds can be bought and more information found from www.realpoppy.co.uk and all proceeds will go to the British Legion.

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