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November 2013

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Wildflower Competition

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the wildflower competition and to all who took the trouble to send photographs in.  In the judges’ opinion the best show of wildflowers and grasses was Jim and Anne Saxton’s.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if all our verges looked like this.  Our runner up is Ruth Gibson, who shows what can be done with just a very small plot.  Your prizes are on the way.  A special mention goes to Charles and Nadia McCall who had the talent to keep their roadside plot flowering from summer into autumn – what a treat. 

The purpose is not just to look pretty, but to provide a much-needed food source for a myriad of insects and especially bees.  The Department of the Environment’s ‘Countryside Survey’ of 1993 reported a dramatic loss of wild plants in our hedgerows verges and river banks, and by 2004 a survey found that a third of native British plants had significantly decreased in forty years, and by 2005 it was stated that one in five of our wildflowers is threatened with extinction.  Come on Oxhill, we need more wildflowers.  If you need help, please contact OWLS.

Grenville Moore

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