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November 2013

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WOT2Grow Your Community Orchard

The orchard continues to provide lovely fruit despite the chill in the air – it is slowing down but we have had a bumper year and there is still some to come.

We are doing well in providing food sources for bees and beneficial insects, especially with the sensory garden, and also documenting the butterflies, moths and other creatures that are feeding on the various plants and trees. There are lots of things we check for to ensure we remove the “baddies” and encourage the “goodies”!

On Saturday 23rd November at 10:00 at the orchard we have our expert, John Edgeley, coming to teach us about pruning our two and three year old trees. We need to think about producing blossom as well as shaping the older trees so we are looking forward to an interesting session. There will be another on 15th Feb to look at the bushes and canes. Members of the orchard attend these sessions for free but there is a nominal charge of £10 for non-members.  Let us know if you want to come along.

We are now into autumn tasks and trying to get things finished before the weather gets too hard for working! The wild flower areas are being cut down with the annual seeds collected and spread to ensure next year's display. Lots of things that need doing are really DIY tasks like measuring, using a glue gun and creating bug hotels from natural materials. If you can help let us know as just an hour of your time will accomplish a lot for the orchard which will benefit everyone.

See us at www.wot2grow.co.uk

If you would like more details please contact one of the following who are coordinating the community involvement

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080), Graham Collier (680127), Julia Stirman (01608 686776), Pam Bennett (01608 685606)

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