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February 2014

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It’s with much regret that Barbara and I have decided that it’s time we retired, as your local West Midlands Ambulance Service Community Responders.

Over a number of months before Christmas Barbara had one urine infection after the other, and finally ended up unconscious on the bathroom floor and so I had to phone for back up in the early hours of the morning.  Finally Barbara is now recovering from this painful condition but then I went and hurt my back which I’m now receiving a course of treatment for with a Chiropractor. I have suffered from a bad back for many years which, as you get older becomes more of a weak link.

We started in 14th May 2003 with Warwickshire Ambulance Service, and we leave, having completed just short of 11 years of service. We are entering our 65th year so feel that now is the right time to go. We are very proud to have been members of West Midlands Ambulance Service and to have served our community.

We are honoured that we received the Chief Officer’s Commendation for, “Actions Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”, in 2011, for saving an Ambulance, crew and patient from slipping off the road on Sun Rising Hill, due to a heavy snow fall.  Plus The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, which was given to 999 emergency personnel that, had completed 5 full years of service at that time and we will take these memories with us as we retire from the service.

Our recent appointment as Police & Crime Commissioner Safety Ambassadors, and my work as an Independent Custody Visitor, is not the reason for our retirement from West Midlands Ambulance Service, but because of our own fitness and reliability to perform the duties which could be expected of us.

On a practical note, if you have an URGENT, but not life threatening medical problem, call 111 (this is the replacement for NHS Direct and is now run by, West Midlands Ambulance Service). If you have a true Emergency then call, 999.

I have used both these numbers recently, and they both worked extremely well.

Mick & Barbara Shepard
3, The Leys, Oxhill, Warwick, CV35 0QX.
viper @ viperrecovery.co.uk

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