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January 2015

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Joyce McKail

5 September 1944 - 8 December 2014

Joyce was a wonderful sister, wife, mother, granny, auntie, teacher and artist. She loved art, music, theatre, literature, history, gardens, wild cliffs and moorland. Joyce was very proud of the fact that her daughters all inherited these interests. In addition she was a chatterbox, enjoyed a good giggle and was a terrible Scrabble cheat!

Joyce met John through mutual friends after a country walk and visit to a pub in the late 1960s. They were married at St Peter’s, Harborne in 1970, and were happily married for almost 45 years, having three daughters and one granddaughter. Joyce loved children and loved to teach. Initially as a primary school teacher in Birmingham, then in rural schools around here, as well as secondary schools such as KES, Shipston and Chipping Camden. Not only did she enjoy the teaching she also liked to get involved with other school activities, especially helping to make props and costumes for school plays, such as ‘Pirates of Penzance’, at Shipston School. She also taught at night school, showing people how to make lampshades and curtains, and more recently helping people to knit at the knit and natter group. Her lampshades still light up many homes in South Warwickshire and beyond. Sewing and knitting projects were always on the go, ranging from soft furnishings, clothes - she made her daughter Lucy’s wedding dress - to tiny costumes  for puppet shows in Tysoe, most recently ‘The Little Mermaid’. Cardigans, hats and toys were knitted for many, including Martha, her granddaughter, babies in the village, friends’ babies across the country, even in Australia, and many for a charity sending them to Africa.

It is very hard to sum up such a broad ranging life in a few sentences, Joyce had so many interests but we will all have treasured memories of her we can carry in our hearts. Who could forget the refrains of “Cup of tea?” or “Are you sure?” You would end up with a cup of tea, or a bag of apples whether you really wanted them or not! Joyce left us far too soon, but her great warmth and love will be cherished forever.

Family and Joyce's many friends attended her poignant funeral and wake.


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