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March 2015

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Church Flowers

Week by week, throughout the year, except for Lent, there are flowers in church. Sometimes one arrangement near the altar, some times more on windowsills and shelves, but always flowers.

These are the work of a small group of people from the village who take turn in ensuring that there are always flowers.

Sadly, during the last year we have lost several members of this group and would very much like some new recruits!

If you would like to help this would be very much appreciated.

Flowers can be from your garden or a shop - and you really do not have to be an experienced flower arranger!

The rota is arranged so that each person covers a 2 week period (we have found that most flowers last 2 weeks in church so that second week is more of a tidy up and refresh)

The commitment would be for one 2 week period each year. It might be that you have a particular date that could be a memorial.

If you would like to help, or want more information, please contact

Sue Hunt  01295 680419 or  Carol Fox 01295 680223

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