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April 2015

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Oil Thefts in the Village

I expect everyone has heard of the oil thefts in the village at the beginning of March.  Three properties in the village were targeted in the middle of the night.  All three properties had had recent oil deliveries and thus their tanks were nearly full.

It is a timely reminder for everyone to remain vigilant and be a good neighbour.  If you see anything that you consider to be slightly odd or suspicious happening in the village write down the details.  Take a note of time, date and especially registration numbers of cars, vans, lorries and a brief description of what you saw.  If you can take pictures on your mobile phone, all to the good.  File it away somewhere safe.  The majority of the time it will mean nothing but no doubt one day it will be the final piece of information which is helpful to the Police.  It is unfortunate that these thefts and burglaries are becoming more and more common in rural areas.  All we can do is look out for each other.

Gaynor  van  Diyk

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