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May 2015

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Edgehill Bell Ringers – Spring Activities

The first there months of the year have seen lots of activity for the Edgehill Bell Ringers – most are reported on the Edgehill Bell Ringers Facebook page so do have a look there or on the web site  http://edgehillbellringers.org/.

On Easter Sunday we rang at Kineton, Lighthorne, Chadshunt, Radway, Avon Dassett & Shotteswell.  We followed this with a tour on the Monday, to ensure bells were heard everywhere over Easter, ringing at Ettington, Alderminster, Honington, Whatcote, Pillerton Hersey, Butlers Marston & Farnborough with some time for a convivial lunchtime visit to a pub as well!

We have decided at Kineton to hold Open mornings on the 27th June and 12th September to display bell ringing.

Five new ringers have been taught over the last month or two, Rachel, Francesca & Max Berger from Horley, Jonathan Foster from Pillerton Priors & Helen Sayers from Kineton. More are in progress!!

Quarter peal performances have been rung for the first time by John Tite & Macer Gifford (Horley) & Robin Hedger (Kineton). In addition Ralph Holtom (Kineton) and Nigel Dick (Lighthorne) have rung new performances.

All the new ringers and those performing quarter peals have made progress with the ‘Learning the Ropes’ training scheme for ringers.  

The major performance in February was the Full Peal on Horley bells for the first time ever. This included experienced ringers from outside the area and was completed in 2 hours and 53 minutes.

Over the next few months we plan to celebrate the Royal Birth and the signing of the Magna Carta. St George’s day will be celebrated by ringing at St George’s church Newbold Pacey.

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