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June 2015

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Reports of a Drone over the Village

Recently several residents have voiced concern over the flying of a drone (or quad copter) over their gardens, especially with a view to recent burglaries and of course privacy.  Whilst I am sure this was just a bit of harmless fun, we all have to be aware that we need to respect other people’s properties and opinions,  and we need to be courteous to our neighbours.

These aircraft need to be kept within sight, deemed to be 500 metres in a straight line of the operator, and they should not be flown within 30 metres of a person and 50 metres of a building without a CAA licence.

If you own one of these, there are clubs and societies that obtain legal access or rent areas of land for the purpose of flying these and other aircraft.  We know we all have to be vigilant in regard to suspicious vehicles and/or people; perhaps we should add these to the list and just be aware.

Grenville Moore

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