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June 2015

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Vicarage Notes

What a treat it is to walk the footpaths that radiate out from the villages and, on sunny days, to stop and simply gaze…the landscapes formed by generations of cultivation, the village buildings of mixed ages and styles and the ancient towers of our churches rising as beacons of faith.

It’s the time of the year when I begin to meet walkers and holiday makers visiting the churches. They’re always so impressed by the care given to church and churchyard, by the very fact that they’re open and alive and well. “Services every Sunday” said a visitor the other week “we’re lucky to have one a month!”

It’s always lovely to welcome back old friends, and I’m pleased to baptize the little ones of those married here over the years. I believe that it’s essential to have an open door that welcomes all.

We’re privileged in the “where and when” of our lives – may we be always appreciative of this simple fact and find in the Christian path the way, the truth and the life.

Best Wishes & God bless,

Nicholas Morgan
01608 685230
braileschurch @ gmail.com

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