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June 2015

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

What a roller coaster of weather sure you have had similar problems in your gardens to those we have had at the orchard!!

Those frosts were strong and caused a lot of problems but despite this the trees have blossomed and with a good population of bumble bees we hope the pollination has been sufficient to give us some lovely fruit later this year. Then we had the high winds so all in all a difficult  couple of months.

Despite our best hopes our bee colonies died over the winter having lost their queens. It was very sad but we have two new swarms of bees installed at the orchard and as there is plenty of food around in the orchard and the fields we have our fingers crossed. 

Everyone has worked hard at weeding the soft fruit and feeding them. It has been so much easier this year but we have lots to do to ensure we have lovely fruit this summer. As it is a community orchard we concentrate on producing for the members as well as local residents but we need people to help out with the general maintenance. The mowers have a task to control the dandelions and are doing well!!!

There are lots of tasks to be done like preparing organic sprays, pruning, feeding the trees and plants and watering if we get a dry summer as the soil is wonderful but free draining, and mowing (great exercise)! Do volunteer a little bit of your time to help out and get some fantastic fruit just contact one of the numbers below!

The orchard is looking good and the bees are buzzing  do come along and see for yourself as the orchard is open 24x7!

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080)

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