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October 2015

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Vegetables for the smaller garden

by Richard Baldwin

Oxhill Garden Club, that society of secrets, of dirty handshakes, wit and humour, closet meetings in a former school building by characters who hide in the shrubbery planning their next assault on a balance between wilderness and beauty. Talks by seasoned participants in the art of pretence and seduction luring the unwary into indulging in the heady and captivating sinfulness of growing and tasting your own vegetables, fresh each day from the garden.

Have you the courage to be inveigled into a world that is now a mystery to many, by porkie pies claiming that you will be satisfied and solaced at an ability to grow a lot in a small space. I too now hang my head in shame forced to admit to having grown a plethora of vegetables on a postage stamp, my addiction grew to include climbing a ladder onto the garage flat roof to water my secret bags of bush marrows at the dead of night, only to find the neighbours had discovered and shared my grubby secret.  I had planted trailing vine marrows and three families were sharing my harvest

This club is fun and the talks are frequently scintillating and amusing, if you enjoy laughter and secret knowledge join us on 15th October for an evening of shared experience given by experts who are steeped in Ancient Lore, which these days is becoming more closely guarded than the secrets of MI5.

Alan T Hedley, athedley@aol.com

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