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Cricket Match vs Tysoe

Saturday 29th August 2015

Pre-Match Challenges: Oxhill’s team were previously well known for their ability to sink pints but this year they practised cricket as well. They used the ‘nets’ at Kineton (and the Peacock) for rigorous practise sessions and skills were honed. Team selection has reputedly been difficult for the England Rugby coach leading up to the World Cup but this was nothing compared to the challenges facing Ed Fox as he ruthlessly prepared for the match. The skills and fitness of newcomers to the Village were put under the microscope and compared and contrasted to those of players and heroes from last year and consequently the average age of the squad was drastically reduced as new faces were included in the team. The boys were ready, mainly sober and optimistic!

The Match: The crowds gathered on a fine day and the boundary was soon covered with chairs and rugs, flagons of Pimms were set up and routes to the Bar and Burger stand were surveyed and practised.

Tysoe won the toss and elected to bat. Oxhill’s bowling elite soon ripped through the early order batsmen and 3 of Tysoe’s finest were soon back on the side-lines. However, their middle order batsmen dug in and at the end of their 25 over innings had amassed a respectable total of 139 runs. It was now the turn of Oxhill to show the rewards of their practising. It could not have started any better – Brian Hobill hoisted a magnificent six off the very first ball:

 Tysoe supporters looked downcast, Oxhill supporters looked inebriated! Brian & Adrian attacked the bowling and soon had the scoreboard ticking over with a mixture of boundaries and craftily taken singles. Adrian sadly departed before too long but was replaced and the scoreboard seemed to move inexorably towards the required target. Tysoe’s supporters began to pack up their chairs and started to depart the arena, Oxhill’s supporters were as delirious as newts as the runs, overs (and drinks) flowed. Surely, the hurt of last year’s defeat was behind them? Sadly, it wasn’t as Tysoe bowlers came back for their second spells refreshed and Oxhill’s wickets began to fall and the runs slowed. Two overs left and the target was still in sight but catches were taken, wickets were shattered and Oxhill fell short by a single run! The boys were gutted, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory, tears were shed and shoulders slumped. However, enough about the supporters, the players took the decision well and applauded the Tysoe team from the pitch whilst resolving to avenge this narrow defeat next year.

The Editors: Both of the Oxhill News Editors attended the match and were interviewing players, taking photos and generally soaking up the atmosphere to better record the day for their readers. Roger Goodman spent a lot of time on the front line in his attempt to catch the full story for his readers and sadly caught the gentle impact of a deflected cricket ball in his face for his troubles prompting the following bye-line. ”Cricket: Roger nose best!”

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