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November 2015

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An Extra Curricula Activity

At the crack of dawn (well, 10.30am actually) on Saturday 10th October, six stalwarts from the Oxhill Garden Club assembled at the Village Hall to plant daffodils in the grassed-over old school playground.  Permission had been given by the Village Hall committee for the planting on the corner of Main Street and the Whatcote Road.  To this end, six three-kilo bags of ‘Carlton’ daffodils – some three hundred bulbs – had been purchased by the Club together with a tool to remove a six inch plug of turf into which hole a single bulb was to be buried.

It was not known if the asphalt from the old playground went to the end of the plot under the turf, but in the event the ground was found to be virtually free from impediments to hole-making and, indeed, comprised a good loam in which the daffodils should naturalise readily.  With six eager workers and the slowness of the hole boring, spades were soon brought into use and turf removed (and replaced) wholesale to expedite matters.

It had previously been decided that the bulbs should be planted in a two foot swathe next to the iron railing fence so as to minimise disruption to the mowing of the grassed area in general.  Random planting within this narrow strip was assured on the day by the disparate natures of those involved, their varying gardening skills, and the variety of tools used!

Come the Spring, Oxhill residents and visitors should see ‘a host of golden daffodils’ welcoming them to the centre of the village.  Watch this / that space!

Douglas Nethercleft

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